Hi there! This is my little piece of virtual real estate on the internet.


Although I spent several years in a traditional corporate career path, I always had an entrepreneurial itch that grew stronger over time.  This is why I created a medium to share my experience of transition from a corporate life to the more exciting and fulfilling world of small business and entrepreneurship.


We should all be proud of the lives that we lead, and everyone should have the courage to work towards what they really want.  I knew I wanted to create tangible value, in business or in service, and giving myself permission to do so was the first step.  Perhaps one day I can impart to my kids the idea that life is more fulfilling when we make the decision to sit firmly in the driver's seat.


Be sure to check out the cool stuff I am working on that I have created to generate side income streams.  Plus, read about life lessons learned, business tips, entrepreneurship and other topics on my blog.


Oh, and check out my list of (mostly) free resources that have helped me along the way; I hope they will help you too.  In today's digital age, there are so many tools at our disposal to improve our lives; but I will show you what works for me.



What are your personal entrepreneurial goals?  What is stopping you from achieving them?  Is there a way I can help you with your business or start the business you've always thought about? Let's chat!