I have researched endlessly to find tools that would help increase my productivity, increase my knowledge, and improve the quality of content I create.  Below, you will find the tools and resources that have made the biggest difference for me (and because I'm a big cheapo, most of them, if not ALL, are FREE!)

Personal Organization


Google Drive for Ultimate OrganizationGoogle Drive

Google Drive has been absolutely critical for storing content.  It is so important to have access to your files from any computer in any location (for example, I have 3 computers that I might use in a given week - my full time job's, my home office desktop, and my personal laptop).  You can create folders easily and store everything from pictures, documents, scans, and everything is very easy to share.  It integrates beautifully on mobile as well.  Plus, you can create and edit documents using Google's version of Microsoft Office (I personally think it's not great... but it's good enough).  Even more, there is a desktop app as well! Why not use Dropbox or OneDrive? I've used them both, and there is nothing wrong with either.  However, with Google being such a powerhouse and integrating with just about everything we do, I think Google provides the best value.  If there is only one gold medal to give, Google Drive gets the award.  

Evernote to Save Anything


Evernote has risen to the top in terms of note taking, as well as saving notes, media, webpages... you name it.  It has a great mobile app that syncs with the website version perfectly.  It also has a handy dandy Google Chrome plug-in that allows you to "clip" webpages directly to your Evernote account (so you don't have to copy-open new window-go to Evernote-paste-go back to what you were doing).  The iPhone also has a "send to Evernote" feature whenever you want to save anything.  It isn't even limited to links, it can save PDFs and media.  Plus the notes are effectively searchable.  Do I need to keep going? Evernote is awesome, and most people only ever need the FREE plan.

The Best List Making App


For creating to-do lists, Wunderlist is where it is at.  It is incredibly easy and intuitive to use, and my favorite part is its ability to create joint lists and share them with other people (you can assign tasks as well, add due dates, reminders, all that good stuff).  I use Wunderlist for my grocery list and share it with my wife.  We both add and check off items entirely at our convenience and it has worked like a charm.  Paper to-do lists have pretty much been eliminated from my life.

Google Calendar

The calendar is one of the cornerstones of personal organization.  There are dozens of calendar programs and apps, and I am certain that a large number of them are very effective for a lot of people.  I really miss "Sunrise Calendar", but the 2nd best option has to be Google Calendar.  I especially like its ability to sync on your phone and online - it doesn't matter where you put in the information.  Plus it is super easy to share.