Business Shorts Podcast

The Business Shorts Podcast consists of interviews with small business owners in unique niches.  My co-host and I take a strong quantitative and business angle, as we try to uncover start up costs, operational costs, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), and profitability.  The goal is to provide our listeners with just enough information about different niches to help them decide if they’d like to go into a particular niche for themselves.  No fluff and no embellishments – we try to clock each episode at 30 minutes or less.  Check out our website or on iTunes.



ElitePoll.com is a social fantasy football site that allows users to submit week specific and player specific sit-or-start polls for the user community to vote on.  This creates a much larger pool of advice (not just your co-workers!) for poll submitters, but best of all, makes it a competition for the poll voters.  Poll results are validated after the games have been played and voters are rewarded for voting “correctly”.  Do you play fantasy football? Do you mind checking us out? Join today for free!



Real Estate Investing

Minty Properties LLC is a real estate investing company that I created several years ago.  I have always loved real estate, and it is actually one of the most popular and stable vehicles of long term wealth generation.  Initially, I intended to go into real estate full time, but for many reasons, it now currently sits as a holding company for rental properties as well as private loans for other real estate investors.  If the market ever shifts back to a buyer’s market, I may return to it and focus on growth, but for the time being, my time (and money) is spent elsewhere.

If you want to learn about real estate investing, I can talk plenty about it.  There is no better place to start than BiggerPockets.  Be aware this industry is filled with people making a killing on classes, seminars, “clubs”, etc.  If you are willing to read and learn, there is no need to spend money on education! If you need an opinion on whether or not something is legit or not, talk to me first! I’ve been there, and done that, and I have strong opinions about it.




Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace, and it has provided a platform for thousands of sellers to sell products.  I certainly wasn’t going to stand on the sidelines without getting in on the fun and learning about Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for myself.  FBA is when product is sold on Amazon using their own platform and fulfillment service.  You can sell your own products (Private Label) or other people’s products.  You generally acquire other people’s products at a discount and sell them on Amazon for a profit, which is what is called Retail Arbitrate (RA) or Online Arbitrage (OA).  I always recommend starting with RA, which you can read about on my blog.


 Challenge the Daily Instagram Feed

A collection of short daily challenges designed to nudge people out of their comfort zone and take small positive actions in their lives.  This started as an experiment in Instagram marketing which actually ended up being pretty fun for me seeing as I enjoyed coming up with daily challenges (and doing them myself!).