About Me

So, what's my deal?


My parents were Colombian immigrants, and I was the first in my family to be born in the U.S.  My parents didn't come from money, but they knew an education (an American one at that!) was one of the most powerful things they could impart to their kids.  I grew up in the Chicago area, and studied engineering, like my dad.  My parents spent most of their savings sending my brother and I to college - something that took reaching adulthood to realize what a privilege that was.


After working for big oil in Houston for several years, I realized that I wasn't impassioned by it.  There was always a voice inside me that wanted me to create my own path, so I eventually left the company to do just that.  This includes starting and selling my own company, joining the team of an entrepreneurial oil & gas services company in Texas, taking on side hustles, creating private label products, starting a podcast, getting my MBA, and getting out of my comfort zone (let's just say I got real busy).  Going back to the corporate life is tempting sometimes, but I try to keep looking forward.


I have a passion for personal finance, small business, investing, the great outdoors, eating, traveling, playing sports, helping/coaching others, teaching the young generation about money, and living a purposeful life.  Check out my portfolio for some of my side-projects I've ventured into.


Me and my boo